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water and food insecurity are not caused by overpopulation but the corporate stranglehold on science, agriculture and natural resources. overpopulation is also almost always used to solely talk about the responsibility of people who aren’t “like us” to stop having children. 

Yeah really like stop using violence to steal land out from under indigenous populations and then forcing them to work producing commodity goods for the west.  It’s not hard.

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A friend of mine made some shirts, you can place orders here: 


A friend of mine made some shirts, you can place orders here: 

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"[T]here is a real lack of sophistication on both sides of the argument when it comes to discussing religion and violence.


On one hand, people of faith are far too eager to distance themselves from extremists in their community, often denying that religious violence has any religious motivation whatsoever. This is especially true of Muslims, who often glibly dismiss those who commit acts of terror in the name of Islam…

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How is this still a thing?

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Screw Bill Maher, screw CNN, screw Fox

I’m a proud Muslim and I am non-violent, a feminist, pro-lbgtq & POC rights, anti-terror/anti-ISIS, and a lover of all faiths and secular ideologies.

I’m more representative of Islam than a non-Muslim American news anchor’s rotting, hate-filled brain. Talk to me instead.

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